A $WHALE of a Membership!

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be an non fungible token (NFT) whale? How to think like a whale? What investments to purchase? Whale, ponder no further – the $WHALE team is offering an exclusive membership for holders of the $WHALE token.

Important Note: This is a membership offering for holders of the token. To enjoy the community and participate in events in the Whale Discord, membership is not mandatory.

Topics Covered:

What is $WHALE token?

$WHALE is a social cryptocurrency backed by tangible and expensive NFT assets. The assets are in a vault which includes some of the rarest NFT(s) from projects such as Gods Unchained, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, CryptoMotors, and many more. Additionally, the vault also contains valuable digital pieces of art and ethereum name services.

The total supply of $WHALE is 10 million. $4 million $WHALE goes to the community, and $1 million is for project founders. For more information about the token, see the white paper.

As of this writing the token value is $0.86 on Uniswap.

What do I get as an Exclusive Member?

First and foremost, exclusive members will receive direct access to the #WHALE-WHALES discord channel.

The benefits of this channel are:

  • Random airdrops per month equaling a total of $5,000 $WHALE
  • Limited edition NFT and physical collectible drops and draws
  • A first look at earning opportunities for $WHALE events
  • Announcements in real-time for investments in new projects and NFT(s)
  • A community of whales just like you

In addition to access to the VIP channel, additional benefits include:

  • 1 free CryptoVoxels or Sandbox land rental (beginning on 1/1/21)
  • 1 month free gallery space rental in WhaleShark or The Vault owned Gallery Builds: One BC Galleries, House of (M), Scarlet Factory (first come, first serve)
  • A Tipbot Guarantee up to 500 $WHALE

Lastly, by being a member you have access to the man behind $WHALE and the massive collection of NFT assets, WhaleShark. You will be one of the first to know WhaleShark’s investment strategies and moves. Also, “access” includes being able to ask questions or advice on your finds, receiving a response from WhaleShark within 24 hours (unless on vacation).

Who is WhaleShark?

WhaleShark is one of the most successful individual investors in the Crypto space. He comes from a strong educational background with multiple degrees and an MBA. In the last 17 years hes built, led, acquired, and sold companies all around the world. Today he owns several artificial intelligence, retail, traditional finance, and brand management industries. NFT(s) and $WHALE may be a small portion of his portfolio, but he is passionate about growing the whale community and NFT space.

How do I become a $Whale Whale?

  • Hold at least 500 $WHALE tokens in your Metamask or Roll Wallet
  • Increase the number of $WHALE tokens in your wallet by 50 per month

Additional Information:

  • To continue access to #WHALE-WHALES channel, you must maintain your $WHALE balance
  • 3 months notice is given for any changes or additions to membership benefits
  • Sharing any information #WHALE-WHALES without prior consent (screenshots or private discussions) will result in a ban from the channel and cancellation of membership

Where can I get $WHALE Token?

$WHALE is found on Uniswap. To acquire the token, simply perform a swap for it.

Additionally, the $WHALE token is given to active members of the community (no membership required!).To learn more join our discord.

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