GMC24 - Ultimate Genesis Mooncat Bundle

GMC24 – The Ultimate Genesis MoonCat Bundle Sharded


$GMC24 is bundle of 24 Genesis MoonCats that have been sharded on the Niftex platform so that anyone can easily be a part of MoonCat history. The bundle was procured by RedCave Ventures and consists of 12 white and 12 black genesis cats. A percentage of the shards will be airdropped to the MoonCat community for the support they have given, along with another percentage going to the devs as a thank you for building the project. I will cover the specifics later in the article.

$GMC24 launches 04/25/2021 at 2pm UTC on the Niftex Platform

Bundle is live: Get $GMC24 on Niftex here

A History of the MoonCats

The MoonCatRescue project was created back in 2017 shortly after the Cryptopunks project started but before Cryptokitties came along. These crypto-collectible cats were created by two developers that go by the name “Ponderware”. The original plan was for 25,600 of the normal cats to be rescued from the moon, along with 256 Genesis MoonCats. The normal cats were free to rescue (just costing gas for the transaction) and the Genesis MoonCats would be purchased in a tiered system.

Unfortunately there was a bug in the contract that prevented the Ponderware devs from being able to access the funds from any genesis sales. Eventually the project died. For a time at least..

In March of 2021 people started digging for “OG NFT Projects” and a Twitter user Tilopa tweeted out about MoonCatRescue:

Within hours Twitter was going crazy as people rushed to rescue as many cats as they could. The MoonCat Ethereum fees reached $600,000 that day and MoonCat Mania was in full swing.

In the end, 25,344 normal MoonCats and 96 Genesis MoonCats were able to be rescued.

GMC24 Bundle Sharding Specifics

$GMC24 is a bundle of 24 Genesis MoonCats which include 12 black and 12 white cats. This bundle consists of 25% of all Genesis MoonCats in existence. The bundle has been sharded through the Niftex platform:

  • Initial valuation: 960 ETH (40 ETH per cat)
  • 10,000,000 Total Shards
  • 10% sold to market during initial sale (1,000,000 shards)
  • 2% Go to Ponderware as a thank you for the project (200,000 shards)
  • 4% will be airdropped to the community (400,000)
  • 4% will go to MoonCatRescue Development/Marketing (400,000 shards)
  • Trading fees will be redirected to Dev Wallet
  • 9% of tokens and 20% of proceeds will be locked in liquidity pool on Niftex
All 24 Genesis MoonCats in the $GMC24 Bundle

Community Airdrop

The $GMC24 airdrop will take place shortly after the launch on Niftex. The Ponderware devs took a snapshot for us and the airdrop will be available for every MoonCat holder that has at least one MoonCat in their wallet. There will be 400 spots available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the snapshot for the airdrop requirement has already been taken. If you do not own a MoonCat currently, you will not be able to claim.

Airdrop Recap:

  • Requirement: Own at least any 1 MoonCat at the time of the snapshot (acclimated, unwrapped, or wrapped in the unofficial wrapper)
  • Airdrop Date: TBD
  • Spots Available: 400 accounts
  • Tokens per account: 1,000 $GMC24
  • Where: MoonCat Community Website

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