Floating Heads, Superballs, and Imps – Oh My!

In this article I want to cover one of my favorite artists in the NFT space. SuperNfty is an amazing artist that specializes in 3D animated designs. I’ll recap his previous collections and his upcoming projects that are planned. Let’s dive in!

Floating Heads

The floating heads were the genesis collection in the Super Nfty ecosystem

Floating Head #009

Each floating head is a unique 3D animated NFT that was hand created in VR. Only 264 were ever created which makes them incredibly rare. From March 2021 to September 2021 SuperNfty created one floating head a day!

Each NFT comes with some incredibly cool unlockables:

  • AR models
  • 3D print model
  • Webcam face-filter
  • Original MP4
  • Custom profile picture

Owning a floating head also comes with some additional perks such as airdrops and access to future projects.

Floating heads can be purchased through the secondary market on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/super-nfty-floating-heads


Superballs was the second project that SuperNfty created. They are 3000 randomly generated doodles that were created for an experiment. The goal was to test out creating random traits and prove skills in building a larger NFT project. As a floating head owner you were able to claim 10 Superballs (per head) for free. This equated to almost all of the Superballs being given away to the community!

Superball #515

Each Superball has specific traits such as accessories, background, earrings, ears, eyes, and hair.

The background color also determines the rarity of each Superball. Rarity of each color (/3000):

  • 650 Orange
  • 650 Pink
  • 450 Teal
  • 450 Blue
  • 300 Green
  • 300 Yellow
  • 100 Purple
  • 70 Dark Purple
  • 30 Dark Purple w/ designs

Not only do Superballs look really cool but they also get you a whitelist spot for the next project! Each Superball you hold in your wallet will get you 1 whitelist spot in SuperNfty’s 10K project Imps (more on that below)

Superballs can be purchased on the secondary market on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/superballsnft


IMPS are the upcoming 10K project from SuperNFTY and they are scheduled to be launched on Dec 17th. Each IMP is a randomly generated, animated 3D character. Each one is completely unique but the traits will make some IMPS rarer than others. There are over 250 traits and over 30 different color palettes. Each trait was handcrafted and animated by SuperNFTY.

An example IMP


Please keep in mind that due to the current volatility of Ethereum and its gas fees, all of this info is subject to change. A lot can happen in a month.

PRESALE (Dec 17th): 0.03 ETH (1 Superball = 1 Whitelist spot)

PUBLIC SALE (Dec 21st): 0.05 ETH

Each floating head will be able to claim an IMP for free and each superball can purchase an IMP early and at a discounted price. If you are thinking of buying a couple IMPS I would suggest getting Superballs while they are cheap!

SuperNfty Resources

Website: https://www.supernfty.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperNfty

Discord: https://discord.gg/supernfty
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supernfty/

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