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 Legends of Venari is a free to play NFT creature-collecting RPG that is built on the ETH network. The game gives off nostalgic vibes of the good ol’ days playing Pokemon. If you’re a fan of collecting and catching rare creatures or just an NFT enthusiast looking for something worth while to add to your ever expanding collection, then Legends of Venari could be right up your alley!

  LoV is a simple game to get started with but it becomes addicting quickly! There is a thrill when trying to capture a Venari and expand your collection. The game requires very little setup and no gas transactions to play. The team focuses more on user experience in terms of the games playability to reach out to the mainstream faster. 

What Are Venari?

The creatures in the game are called Venari. They can be obtained for free through catching them in the game using bait and rigs. Each Venari has unique characteristics that make them rarer as the game progresses because they will not be able to be caught anymore but later on can be traded on the in-game marketplace. 

Venari Characteristics

There are different characteristics that help define a Venari and make each one special.

Elements – Each element will give a Venari a different appearance. Nature will appear green, Ice will appear blue, etc.

Constellations– These will be a factor in deciding a Venari’s base stats. (Some constellations are rarer than others.)


There are 3 main tiers and a legendary tier of Venari:

Tier 1 – Most Venari and all of them that you encounter in the early game are Tier 1 – unlimited supply

Tier 2 – These Venari are found less often and are harder to catch – 5000 max supply

Tier 3 – Extremely rare – 500 max supply

Legendary – Unknown

In Game Token – $CC

Caerras Credits or $CC is the main currency for Legends of Venari, you can use these credits to buy Venari on the market from other players (You can also buy and sell Venari for ETH). These can also be used to buy different cosmetics and special baits. Free players can also buy special baits from the black market with the gold earned in-game from catching Venari. 

Note The token is not out yet and is subject to change.

Lending Passes

Alpha passes are able to be lent to other players. Lending your Pass gives you a percentage every time a lendee sells any Venari on the marketplace. As a pass owner you can set the % split between you and the pass lendee. Additional passes can be earned by the lendee through active gameplay. A more detailed description on lending can be found here Legends of Venari: Lending

Note: Lending and earning as pass owners is also subject to change.

Catching Your First Venari

On the left hand corner you can find different tabs which you can use to navigate easily while playing the game

Navigate to the Expedition tab to be redirected to the expedition screen where you will be able to use bait and rigs to catch Venari.

Setting Bait

To set bait, select the bait you want to use and click the “Set Bait” button. Then simply wait for a Venari to appear to try and catch it.

Checking Active Baits

The Dashboard tab allows you to easily check your active baits and recent Venari captures in the game wherever they are on the map. To check the bait just click on the “Check Bait” button to see if a Venari has appeared. 

Note: The cooldown timer indicates when Venari stop appearing. Up to 6 Venari may appear using only 1 Bait.

Starting Expeditions

Once a Venari has appeared in one of the tiles click on them to start an expedition. (Venari may also appear behind bushes but are unknown until you click on the bush.)

You will then be redirected to the Expedition Setup. Choose your Bait and Rigs to get ready to catch your first Venari!

Note: Expeditions cost Energy to perform and they replenish every 5 minutes.

Expedition/Catching Minigame

Once the expedition has started you will then be able to play a Minigame in which you can Feed, Play or Fight the Venari to increase your chances of catching it. There isn’t any sure strategy to catch one- just let your trainer instincts take over! Succesfully catching a Venari will also provide you with Experience and Gold to further assist you in being the best Venari Trainer in all of Caerras!

A blue dialogue indicates the action you’ve performed was successful and will increase your chances of catching it.

While a red one indicates that the action you’ve performed has failed.

The odds will increase with every successful action however even an odds in your favor (good or excellent) does not guarantee that you will catch the Venari. There is still a chance it may run away.

You can view your odds of catching the Venari in the bottom right corner near the catch button

It can be quite challenging to catch a Venari which makes capturing one quite satisfying!

Note: After successfully catching a Venari it will then be added to the list of potential creatures in the place where you caught it.

Viewing Inventory

The Inventory tab shows you a list of your captured Venari, Baits, Rigs, and Passes that you have on your account.

Buying Baits/Viewing Shop

The Shop tab will take you to the shop at your current location if available- not every location has a shop. You can see the list of shop locations and items available below. Use your earned gold to purchase new bait and upgrade your rigs to catch those elusive Venari.

Shop Locations

  • City of Tecta – Tier 1 Bait
  • Lira – Tier 2 Bait
  • Mirala Town – Tier 1 Bait & Tier 2 Rigs
  • Mirala Facility – Tier 3 Bait
  • Auric Grasslands – Tier 3 Rigs

Traveling Between Locations

To travel to a different location simply click on the Travel tab to be redirected to the screen where you are shown a list of places in Caerras. Some locations require your profile to to reach a certain level before traveling, while other areas require your world level to reach a certain level before you can travel there.

There are currently two worlds available: Tecta & Ayena

When you are in a world you will gain experience for your profile and for your current world only. You are able to travel to any location in the world for free. If you want to move between worlds, there is a 1000 gold fee.

At this point you have all the basic information you need and you’re ready to prove yourself as a master Venari legend! See you in Caerras.

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