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What is land?

Sandbox land is a blockchain token (ERC-721) that makes up one parcel of The Sandbox world. Land is owned by the players and allows them to host content, sell, and monetize it as they please.

NOTE: Be sure to pre-register for the land sale here: Sandbox Land Sale Round 3

How many lands are there?

  • There are 166,464 LANDS in TOTAL
  • 123,840 LANDS (74%) will be sold across 5 different sales.
  • 25,920 LANDS (16%) will be held in a reserve and distributed to partners, creators, and gamers as rewards
  • 16,704 LANDS (10%) will be held by The Sandbox. These will be used to hold special events.

How are the sales structured?

The Sandbox is distributing all of the lands for sale across 5 different rounds. The first two sales have completed already. The 3rd sale is scheduled for Tuesday March 31st. The first presale had the biggest discount, then the discount decreases for each next round.

How much does the land cost for this round?

Land is sold in ETH but is pegged to USD. For presale round 3 each parcel will cost $38.40 USD which is roughly 0.28 ETH at today’s prices.

If you buy an estate you get another discount based on the size of the estate.

What is an estate?

An estate is a group of lands that form a square (currently appears to be a requirement for The Sandbox) which acts like a giant parcel. So a 3×3 estate will be like a parcel that is 9 times bigger!

The blue squares above are an example of an Estate.

The Sandbox third LAND presale map will contain the following:

  • Individual LAND parcels: 2,538
  • 3×3 Estates: 750
  • 6×6 Estates: 50
  • 12×12 Estates: 5
  • 24×24 Estates: 1

In the future you should be able to combine your single plots that are connected into an estate. It hasn’t been confirmed if these will need to be in a square or rectangle shape.

Also in the future Estates will have the potential to be owned by multiple players to form Districts.

Read more about the land tokenomics here:

Sign up for the land sale here: Sandbox Land Sale Round 3

How big is one Land?

One land is 96x96x128 meters, or 3072x3072x4096 voxels.

Cool! But, how big is that?

Here is a video of what you can build on one land:

Want to see how high 128 meters is? Check out “The Hopper” by KamiSawze

A screenshot of “The Hopper”

How is this different than other blockchain worlds/metaverse?

A lot of people think other platforms like Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, and Somnium are all the same. On the contrary, they each have a bit of a niche and serve their own purpose. While the other big 3 are trying to be more of a “metaverse”, The Sandbox is trying to be an open gaming world.

The Sandbox has definitely made it clear that it’s mainly a gaming platform. They are funding creators to assist them in creating games for their land and assets for other users.

Creators Fund Details

They have the $2 million (USD) Creator Fund with allows users to share their creations on The Sandbox platform:

  • Free prime exposure for your creations in The Sandbox
  • Create, share and sell your voxel creations to game developers and players
  • Keep full ownership and copyright of your creations
  • Maintain creative freedom with art direction under your own control
  • Learn how to create and sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Be part of our creator community building a new gaming future

Read more about the Creators Fund here:

Game Maker Fund Details

The Game Maker Fund is designed for creators to focus on creating games for the initial launch of the platform. Users propose the game they would like to make and The Sandbox helps to make it a reality:

You will be able to create your own games and include thousands of voxel assets, while keeping full ownership and copyrights of your creations.

Read more about the Game Maker Fund here:

Great! So How do I buy?

First, make sure you are pre-registered here: Sandbox Round 3 Pre-Sale

Then on March 31st at 1PM GMT you will want to login to your account and you’ll be presented with the Land map:

Once the sale starts you can click on the Land or Estate that you want to purchase. When you click on it, the land will be held for you for for a short period of time. This allows you to complete your purchase without having to use an extremely high gas price or worry about someone else buying it before you.

Where can I find out about the history of The Sandbox and the team?

Check out my original article where I cover The game and team in much more detail: Sandbox – A Voxel Gaming World

Podcast with The Sandbox Team

Also, Andrew Steinwold just had a fantastic podcast with  some of the teammembers from The Sandbox. If your are interested in The Sandbox at all, this is a must listen:–Nathan—Blockchain-Metaverse-The-1-Trillion-Dollar-Opportunity—Zima-Red-ep–12-ebqig2

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