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Have you ever dreamed of going to Mars and building your own settlement? Now you can! With this latest play and earn game called Million on Mars. Start from scratch and survive the harsh terrains of Mars, grow your own food, get water, scavenge for resources and be part of a thriving economy!

Getting Started

To get started on your interplanetary journey you need to have the basic necessities of surviving on Mars. You’ll need resources such as food and water which can be purchased on the Wax blockchain as part of “onmars collection on Atomic Hub” , they may also be purchased as part of the Supply packs, or individually. You can also gain free resources just by showing up to the game and collecting your free Daily Rations! You can also buy them directly from the Millions on Mars Marketplace using their in-game token Dusk which can be found on Alcor.

If you want to build your own resource farm on Mars you will need a Land Deed so you can build buildings that can generate food and water that you can either consume yourself or sell on the marketplace for money. You will also need to buy the buildings from the Wax blockchain to be able to use them in-game.

If you’re looking to get started playing without buying land, check out my guide: Getting Started with Million on Mars for $2

How to use your NFT’s

After creating an account, head over to the inventory tab and click deposit on the items you want to add in game such as resources and buildings. Take note that depositing the items in the game burns them and you can’t withdraw them again. However, they will be part of the Land Plot NFT which you can sell on the Wax Blockchain- so the more buildings inside a land plot, the more valuable it is.

Here is a helpful overview of the navigation bar to better guide you on this journey.

Note: You can also find the water and food available on your inventory tab.

Claiming a Plot of Land

To claim a land plot on Mars you will need to have a “Land Deed” NFT (You can buy these from the “onmars collection” on the WAX blockchain) that you deposited in the game. 

Head on over to the “mars globe” tab and click on what quadrangle you want to go to. Fun fact: these are not just made up names, the quadrants are named according to the system defined by the US Geological Survey and the terrains are accurate as well! A green-colored quadrangle means you can visit that quadrangle and find a potential plot of land while a grey-colored one means you can’t visit there yet.

Each pin on the map means there are available plots to be claimed in that location.

You will be then redirected to a map with hexagons after checking out a pinned place. Each hexagon is one land plot. Red means it has already been claimed and a brown unshaded one means you can claim that plot. The rarity of your Land Deed doesn’t affect what place you can pick it only increases the amount of buildings you can build on the land. Click on an unclaimed plot and claim it. 

Important:  Remember where your land is so it will save you the hassle of finding it in the future.

Note: You can only claim if you have a Land Deed

Land Capacities

There are 5 different rarities of land which determines how much building space it can accomadate.

Common– 100 Buildable Space

Uncommon– 175 Buildable Space

Rare– 250 Buildable Space

Epic– 325 Buildable Space

Legendary– 400 Buildable Space

Placing Buildings on Land

To add your buildings to your land simply navigate to your land. It will show as a green hexagon on the map.

Click on the “+” sign under buildings to add the building you wish to place. Adding certain buildings will increase the capacity used on the land based on the rarity of the building.

Note: You will have to deposit your game assets first before doing this.

Utility of Buildings

Very Important Notes: 

* Full Power Cell is used to power most of the buildings and use them. To add Power to a building just simply click on the “Recharge” button on a building.

*All actions aside from Filling Irrigation and Recharging require a certain number of stamina to complete

Solar Panel – are used to charge Empty Power Cells to Full Power Cells it takes 20 hours for them to charge and the amount of power cells you can charge at a time depends on the rarity of the solar panels. You can find these properties here.

Water Filter – are used to make water using Ice and Power. Regoliths are also a byproduct of using the water filter. The amount of Power and Ice needed is the same for different rarities of a Water Filter. The only difference is how many crafting actions you can perform per Water Filter. More details here

Note: You can also Ferment Coffee Beans in the Water Filter by using Coffee Cherry and Power.

Cryogenic Atmospheric Distiller or C.A.D – uses Power, Regolith and Waste to produce Soil which can be used in the Greenhouse to plant crops. More details on C.A.D here.

Greenhouse – is the fundamental way of producing food on Mars. You will need seeds, power, water and soil to plant crops in the greenhouse. Seeds may be obtained by scavenging, from seed packs, or purchasing from the in-game marketplace with Dusk. Each seed grows at a different rate and varies in the amount of food produced. You can find a more detailed table about seeds here.


To scavenge for resources just select the hammer icon in the lower left corner of the land plot view. 

Scavenging consumes 1 stamina and finds resources such as Ice and Regolith. There is also a small chance you find Dusk, Seeds and a Power Cell while scavenging.

Restoring Stamina

Stamina is limited in this game but running out of stamina doesn’t have to stop you from building your dream settlement! You can recharge your stamina by consuming food and water in the “Actions” tab. You can also find other actions here and sweet rewards!

Note: You can only eat every 4 hours which produces 16 Stamina, 4 Waste, and 8 Dusk.


Another way to buy and sell your resources is the marketplace using Dusk. Here you can sell your gathered and grown resources or purchase resources you need. This is where you can channel your inner entrepreneur!  Create a buy order to purchase the things you want. Choose a price at or above the market price if you want the greatest chance of seeing your order fulfilled by another player! Similarly, if you’re selling, make sure to price around the rest of the market for a faster sale.

You can then check your order history to see if your orders have been fulfilled.


Performing jobs is another way to earn Dusk in-game so you can purchase items from the marketplace or sell the Dusk on an exchange. Landowners that run out of stamina can post work orders by paying Dusk so other players who have extra stamina can perform the work and earn Dusk reward in doing so. The stamina consumed and Dusk reward varies from task to task. The longer a task takes to be completed the higher the rewards. 

After starting a job you can then click on “Work Orders” to view the progress of the job. This is also where you can claim your Dusk reward after a successful job.

I don’t have a Land Deed/Land Plot can I still earn in-game?

Yes you can! By Scavenging and performing Jobs you can still earn Dusk and resources. You may then sell these resources on the marketplace to get more Dusk. You can use a small amount of Dusk to purchase food in the marketplace to fuel yourself for another scavenging and job run! The great thing is eating also rewards you Dusk and Waste so you are earning even while you eat! 

Another way to earn is to buy and sell on the marketplace. Stock up on certain items and when there is a great demand for it you make your fortune! The possibilities are limitless! So, stock up on Dusk and try to be the first Millionaire on Mars! 

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