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Evaverse has been slowly building behind the scenes and its slowly getting more recognition by the community. If you are a fan of racing through difficult and challenging terrains with only your skills to help you navigate then this is right up your alley! If that doesn’t sound fun enough, picture it while riding on your very own hoverboard!

Topics Covered In This Article:

What is Evaverse?
NFTs of Evaverse
How do you earn?
What are tickets?
Equipping your NFTs
Lending NFTs

What is Evaverse?

Evaverse is a multiplayer video game platform designed to be the most enjoyable and immersive digital world for players to socialize and earn. The Evaverse game is designed to bring NFT and gaming communities together by offering AAA immersive gameplay for everyone.

The Evaverse is built for blockchain players, traditional gamers, and NFT collectors and is blending these communities by creating a world-class social experience for all.

NFTs of Evaverse


The main NFTs on Evaverse are First Arrivals (Characters/Avatars), Turtle Troops and Hoverboards. Right now only the First Arrivals (skins) and Hoverboards have utility in the game. The turtle troops are going to be used at a later time when the EVA game for it is released in the future.

Prestige is an important aspect of the game. The more prestige your account has the more you can potentially earn. Prestige is calculated based off the stats of the NFTs you own. It can be found by pressing “Q” in game and going to the “Inventory Tab”.

To check the Prestige on the Evaverse character that  you are buying on Opensea just simply click the “Level” aspect. 

There are also generative PFP that can be found in the description section on Opensea.

Just click the “Download profile avatar”


Each Hoverboard also has its own stats that affect the in game utility. Boosts affect how useful the hoverboard is in the game. The boost attributes are: Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling. Before buying a hoverboard you can check the stats by going to the “Level” and “Boost” aspect on Opensea and you will see the stats and Level of the hoverboard. The closer it is to max level the higher the stats it has so keep this in mind while buying one. Levels can be gained by racing in the game and once it reaches max level it won’t gain stats anymore. Stats are added to have a total of 150 points that are distributed between the three stats. Some have high handling, high acceleration, high top speed. 

Note: The NFTs shown in the article does not correspond with the stats shown.

How do you earn?

Note: Play to Earn is not out yet but will be out Late Q1 or Early Q2 of 2022

Earning cryptocurrency in the Evaverse is done through participating in interactive gaming experiences called EVA Games. Right now only Hoverboard Racing and Treasure Hunting are available to play but more gameplay is coming in the future!

Right now players can earn Tickets by participating in games. You can Play for Free by downloading the game on Steam and start right away. The Tickets earned in the game depend on the prestige of your account. The higher the prestige, the more tickets you will earn. 

Prestige depends on the stats of the NFTs that you use in game. If you do not have any NFT’s as a free user you will earn less tickets than those who do. But worry not! Because you can apply as a scholar on the Evaverse Discord and borrow the NFTs of managers willing to lend.

What are Tickets? 

Tickets are the precursor for play to earn. The amount of tickets that you earn is solely dependent upon the prestige of the Eva character you have. They will be releasing B.E.S.T. (slot machine) which you will use your tickets to play and will earn badges from. The badges will be what determine the airdrop of Eva token you get when it’s launched. The more badges the more tokens. The badges have 3 rarities. Each rarity is worth different amounts of tokens for the airdrop. Arrival will be worth the least. Zenith will be in the middle and celestial badges will be worth the most. The rarity of the badge you get when using the slot machine will be random.

Note: Badges are not out as of the writing of this article. 

Connecting to Metamask

To connect to your Evaverse account to metamask you must first login in the Evaverse site or create an account if you haven’t already here.

After logging in you will be redirected to the members area and on the top right you can see the “Connect your wallet” button. Click that and sign the message on your Metamask and you are good to go!

Equipping your NFTs

To equip and use your Evaverse NFTs in the game just press “Q” to be redirected to the loadout section where you can see Skins, Pets, Hoverboards and etc.

Just click on the desired NFT to equip and you’re ready to go explore and race in the world of Evaverse!



Here is the list of controls in the game. You can also access them directly by pressing the “M” button on the keyboard while in the game.

Joining a Race

To join a race type “/join” when a race is about to start (This will be shown on the screen) or head over to the “Race Here” sign to enter a hoverboard race.


The goal while racing is to avoid the obstacles which are colored red while hitting through all the checkpoints until you reach the finish line.

Checkpoints come in different types but to recognize them they are usually a kind of yellowish and orange in color that has an EVA sign next to it.

There are tons of different and challenging obstacles all across the maps. You can also find boosts that are colored green that give you a short burst of speed as you go through them. Try to learn these boosts and obstacles as you go and beat your own and other players record!

Changing Tracks

There are two different race tracks as of the moment in Evaverse. Grand Prix 1 and Grand Prix 2 each with their own unique terrains and challenges. To switch to another track simply find the labeled portals in the game and go through them.

Collecting Treasures

Treasures are scattered all around the map and by collecting them you gain a small amount of tickets everytime. Treasures look like big glowing snowflakes. Be the first one to get them first before the other players snag them! There is also a map called Evaverse Hub that gives you 3x the amount of tickets per treasure. That map is solely for minigames and collecting treasures, there is no racing involved. You can go there by finding the portal or just by clicking “Esc” then “Servers” and find a server labeled as Evaverse Hub.

Checking Tickets

To check the amount of tickets you gain per game or per treasure acquired just look to the upper right corner of the screen as you finish the race or as you collect treasures.

To check the amount you have gathered overall just press “Q” and head over to the “Inventory” section and tada! You can see the amount of tickets you have currently.

Also for calculating tickets per race this is the formula depending on your prestige. 

Note: Grand Prix 2 gives 30% more tickets as of this writing. May change in the future.

Lending NFTs

For managers looking to lend their NFTs to scholars here is a very detailed guide by the Evaverse Team on lending NFTs and how they work. Evaverse Scholarship


Evaverse brings a fast paced racing game that is very enjoyable for gamers. They will slowly incorporate earning mechanisms into the game while making sure that the gameplay is always a highest priority. Even if you don’t own any NFTs or simply want to try the game first, you can download it on a steam and play for free. Enjoy the races!

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