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What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is defi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items. All of the land and NFTs are minted on the WAX blockchain. 

You can see all of the details about mining and future gameplay in the Technical Document:

What is mining in Alien Worlds?

Mining is the first part of the Alien Worlds gameplay. In the future there will be planet governance, battles, and more. 

As you mine you will earn TLM (Trilium) and you have a small chance to find an NFT. This NFT can be anything from an abundant rarity avatar to a mythical sword.

What is Trilium (TLM)?

Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds and is used to stake to Planets and participate in core games. It exists on the Ethereum and WAX blockchains so that users can store Trilium on either chain subject to their preference.

  • There is a finite supply of Trilium at 10 billion Trilium
    • 5bn released to Planets at a rate of 0.009%+ (0.001% per active Planet) of the remaining pot per day – Trilium is claimed by Planets every day 
    • 1bn tokens to support galactic hub communities and content creators
    • 2bn tokens to incentivize major strategic partners
    • 1bn to explorers as they onboard
    • 1bn for the Alien Worlds team 

Uses of Trilium

  • Trilium can be used to acquire NFTs 
  • The Federation (and if they chose, Planets) charges Trilium fees for gameplay such as the fighting game 
  • Trilium is burned (that is, NFTs sent to explorers for mining on the Planet or fighting on behalf of the Planet) when users shine NFTs 
  • Trilium must be staked by users to receive Planetary DAC tokens and participate in Planet governance
  • Trilium is required to participate in Nebula Events whereby users can obtain Legendary and Mythical items
    • A proportion of the Trilium proceeds will be burned

Do I need to own land to play?

Nope! You can get started and mine for free!

How to get started mining?

You will need a WAX account if you do not already have one. Go here and sign up for a free WAX account:

Once your WAX account is set up and confirm head over to the Alien Worlds beta site:

Click Login and use your new WAX credentials to connect. If you run into any problems, make sure you are allowing pop-ups in your browser.

Once you are logged in you will set up your account

  1. Set your AlienWorlds Username
  2. Select your avatar (you can find new avatars by mining)
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click “I’m ready”!

Now that your account has been created you are ready to choose a planet to mine on. For now, feel free to choose any planet but we will go over more advanced details later in the guide.

My account has defaulted to Planet Naron. The Current Mining Pot shows the amount of TLM (Trilium) that can be mined from this planet. The Fillrate is how quickly the TLM is being replenished.

Click Let’s start and get to mining!

Next, we get to choose which land we want to mine on. There’s a couple things to consider when choosing a land:

  1. Commission Rate – This is the amount of your mined TLM that will go to the land owner. For example if you were to find 100 TLM and the rate is set to 20% you will keep 80 and the owner will get the other 20.
  2. TLM Yield Multiplier – In our example above your TLM yield rate will be 1.9x due to the land type
  3. Charge Time (mining cooldown) Multiplier – You will have to wait 2x as long to mine again
  4. NFT Luck Multiplier – You will have 1.7x chance to find an NFT.

Note – The bottom left number on all of the Land and Items is the Proof of Work Requirement and doesnt seem to affect mining and can be ignored for the time being.

You can choose “Sounds Good” to use the land they have selected for you. If you want to select specific coordinates. You can choose “I want to choose where I mine”

Different land types have different multipliers. You can see all of the different types here:

As you can see there’s a wide variety of land. You can choose to mine on plains and decrease your cooldown by 0.7x but you will also decrease your TLM mining by 0.6x and NFT by 0.5x

If you dont mind waiting you can mine on an active volcano which will increase your cooldown by 5x but you will also increase TLM & NFT mining by 2.5x

After you select a land you will be taken to the mining hub. The hub shows your land and up to 3 tools that you can use. You will be given a standard shovel to start.

Click the + sign in one of the tool slots to add your shovel.

Click Equip to select the shovel. It will turn green to show that its equipped. Then click the back arrow to go back to the mining hub.

Now that we have selected a land plot and a tool we are ready to mine. As we find more tools we can add them to our hub to increase our TLM yield and chance of finding more NFTs.

There’s 2 steps to mining. First you have to mine, then you have to claim. After these two steps your cooldown will start.

When you are ready, click Mine.

It will take anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds for the mining process to complete. When the mining is completed you will see the claim screen.

Click claim and you will see how much TLM you were able to mine.

After claiming, our hub now has some new information with our TLM totals, cooldown, etc.

  1. We can see we received 3.7468 from our mine attempt.
  2. Our cooldown has started and we have 3mins 30 secs until we can mine again.
  3. If we receive an NFT we will see a notification in our messages.

Once your cooldown is completed you will need to go back to the mining hub. Click mining hub in the bottom left corner or click the back button in the top right corner.

Calculating your yield, NFT luck, and cooldown

From the hub you can do some manual calculations to know how your set up looks.

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TLM Yield

Add the tool TLM # and multiply by the land multiplier (1 X 2.2 = 2.2)

NFT Luck

Add the tool luck and multiply by the land multiplier (0.5 x 2.2 = 1.1)


Add the charge time and multiply by the land multiplier (80×3 = 240 seconds or 4 minutes)

Note – If you are using 2 tools the 2nd lowest charge time is cute in half. If you are using 3 tools the lowest charge time is dropped from the equation completely.

Calculation Example 2:

TLM Yield = 15.96

Total of the tools (4+6+1) = 11  multiplied by 1.4 (land multiple) = 15.96

NFT Luck = 5.5

Total of the tools (2+ 0.5+0) = 2.5 multiplied by 2.2 (land) = 5.5

Cooldown = 1060 seconds

Highest tool (360) + 2nd highest tool (170) + (lowest tool is ignored) = 530 seconds

Multiply by land (2.0) = 1060 seconds or 17.66 minutes.

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