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Blockchain game In The Arena Sport: Arena Golf is almost ready for the majors. Yesterday, I took first place in a flash challenge netting $25 dollars in ETH. If this is your first time hearing about the game, you are missing out. The development team is putting on contests all summer long for only those who purchase Golfer NFTs. Unsure how to start? РNo need to take a mulligan, this guide covers purchasing a golfer and how to start practicing so you can tee off in time for next challenge.

Topics Covered:

Purchasing your Golfer –

Arena Golf is an interactive sports blockchain game. To compete in matches you need to purchase an NFT (Golfer) token. Each Golfer has a unique look and comes with a set of 4 skills: Power, Accuracy, Composure, and Stamina. Each skill includes a cap and a slider. The slider increases as you train or compete in contests.


When purchasing your golfer you need to consider their starting skills and skill caps as they directly affect game play. Here is a short explanation of which each skill does:

  • Power – Increases the max distance you can hit the ball
  • Accuracy – Expands the ability to hit the intended target
  • Composure – Effects how your golfer handles pressure and elements (wind)
  • Stamina – Quickens recovery time after training

Note: As you pick your Golfer notice more expensive NFT(s) have higher skill caps, so choose wisely:

Golfer Marketplace:

Golfers are bought directly from Arena Golf on the Golfer Marketplace. If you are low on Ether, the Marketplace allows you to purchase with a credit card, but first you need to sign up for an Arena Golf account. For more instructions head over to Arena’s FAQ page, and for additional tips check out this guide from NonFungible.

Note: Golfers can also be bought and sold by other players on Open Sea.

Before buying any Golfer, you now have the ability to test them out simply by clicking the “Try for Free” button. This new feature allows you to jump right into the game and try before you buy. Simply select the button and choose which difficulty setting:

Selecting the difficulty takes you directly into the game to start playing:


After purchasing your perfect Golfer, it will appear in your Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is accessible by logging into your account and selecting your name in the top right hand corner of the screen:

Note: Do not impatient like me, if you do not see your Golfer after purchase, give it some time before reaching out to the Devs.

Practicing –

Now that you own a Golfer it’s time to practice for the next contest! To practice, simply open your Clubhouse, locate your Golfer, and select the “Practice” button:

Similarly to the Try for Free feature, you select a difficulty setting. If this is your first time, I suggest starting with Beginner to get a feel for the game, and then jumping to Amateur to experience weather.

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The UI is simple, but takes a few minutes to understand. Here is a brief explanation, use the screenshot above:

Left side –

  • 1- This is the number of shots left and your total score. You get 10 shots total.
  • 2 – The time you have left to play.

Right side –

  • 3 – The target map and wind direction/speed.
  • 4 – The distance of the club you’re using. Select different distances by clicking on the club icon.
Playing the Game:

The objective of the game is to score the most points by hitting circle targets. Each target has multiple score rings inside. The closer you are to the center flag, the more points you score:

To start the game, click on the ball:

This opens up Top View:

Top View is one of the ways you aim shots. In this view there is a Marker that tells the game where you want to send the ball. To use the Marker, simply select the area you are aiming for and a yellow spotlight will hover on top of it. The Maker also tells you the distance of the shot.

After setting the Marker, switch to Shot View by selecting the button:

Shot View is similar to Top, as you can also place the Marker, but it is the primary view you use for shooting:

After placing the Marker on your target, it is time to shoot. To start, click the ball. Clicking the ball brings up the power meter. The power meter swings back and forth. Depending on the distance of your target and the club, you must try and find the sweet spot. To set power, click the ball again when the meter dial is in the spot you believe is correct:

With power set, you must aim. Similar to the power meter, the aiming arrow swings back and forth. To set aim, click the ball when the arrow swings to the spot you want the shot to go:

If you line up your shot correctly, using the correct power and aim it will hit the target and score. Missing the target does not give any points.

When all 10 shots are complete you can compare your total score to others by selecting the Scores button:

Now that you have a Golfer and know how to practice, you have everything you need to compete in the next flash challenge! To learn more about the game and to get notified for the next challenge, visit Arena Golf’s discord channel.

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