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Blockchain mobile game Crypto Dynasty (formally EOS Dynasty) recently released their Ethereum version. The EOS instance became one of the top blockchain games on the market for earning cryptocurrency. When starting the EOS version roughly a year after release, I missed out on early gains, but luckily for us the ETH version is starting from scratch. This levels the playing field and allows for enhanced player rewards. In this guide we will cover an overview of the game.

Topics Covered:

How the Game Works –

Before starting any game, it’s good to understand how it works. At it’s core, Crypto Dynasty is an AFK farmer based on attacking castles and character progression. You progress by leveling, riding mounts, and crafting equipment which allows you to attack more castles and ranking up. The more castles and ranks you acquire, the more you can do in the game to earn more Eth.

Note: If you have not installed the game, you can review my installation guide here.


In order to make equipment, you need to use the “March” or collection mechanic to gather materials. For every march, you obtain materials at random. The more you advance in your castle number, the better materials you will receive from marching, allowing you to create more complex equipment to rank up.

Main Screen
Successful March

Tiger Runes:

Let’s get this elephant in the room out of the way. Most mobile games have some sort of in-game currency such as crystals or stars. Crypto Dynasty has Tiger Runes. Tiger Runes are used to level up your characters, mounts, and equipment. They are also used to summon mounts. Runes are very important and should be used sparingly. There are many ways to gain Tiger Runes, but the fastest way is to purchase them with Eth. Additionally, you gain Tiger Runes passively by marching after activating the second stage, melting materials and equipment, and sending your mounts out to gather them. Last, but not least you can gain 1,000 free Tiger Runes by being referred, or giving others your referral. If you want to use my referral, DM me on Twitter.

To purchase Tiger Runes, access the Rune icon located in the top right hand corner. I recommend purchasing the option to get 40000 and 999 TKT. This will give you a ton of TKT for staking to quickly increase your rank and unlock passive Eth rewards (more on that below).

Tiger Rune Button
Rune Costs

Castle Strength:

Castle Strength is determined by number of characters, character levels, character equipment, and character equipped mounts. Higher level quality equipment and mounts will increase castle strength. As mentioned above, more castle strength will net better material rewards from marching and help to unlock areas of the game. You can get a summary of your castle strength by tapping the battle button located in the middle of the main screen.

Battle Button
Marching Info


First thing you notice is the game gives you the Warrior character to start, but if you plan on playing this game seriously you need all three. Buying each additional character costs a small amount of Eth. With every new character you purchase, it unlocks an additional material collected, increases castle strength, and rewards you with TKT (more on TKT later). In my opinion, if you do not plan on purchasing all three characters playing this game is a waste of time, so proceed accordingly.


Leveling up characters it costs Tiger Runes. Levels will add a few extra strength points to your castles, but it gets costly after level 9. Unless you’re planning to whale out, save your runes for equipment upgrades and mounts at the start.

Characters can be leveled up and upgraded by adding equipment and mounts to their character sheets, more on those topics below.

Character Sheet


Equipment is large part of progression, but at first the best equipment is not needed to get ahead. You can combine duplicate gear through synthesis and level them up. Each time you level a piece of equipment it costs Tiger Runes and gets harder and more expensive per tier, so be selective. I recommend synthesizing items that are 80% quality or higher.

To create a piece of equipment, you must obtain the materials required to forge it through marching or purchasing them on the marketplace. Once you collect the materials, you can forge them. However, forging equipment does not guarantee it will be high quality. The higher percentage item when forging, the better quality. It is better to equip high quality items to increase your castle strength.

Successful Forge

Some characters can use the same equipment, so try moving them around. If you are lucky the same piece of equipment given to a different character might increase castle strength. I recommend equipping items that have luck, as this attribute increases the chance you will get rarer materials when marching.

Note: Materials and equipment can also be purchased in the marketplace. I will cover the marketplace in depth in a separate article.


Each mount has its own set of stats and are a massive part of castle strength progression when equipping them to your characters. Investing and equipping high-quality or leveling up lower quality mounts can really make a difference.

Master Mount

In addition to equipping, mounts can also Travel and Explore to collect Tiger Runes and materials. Higher tiered mounts bring back more runes and rarer materials. Also, increasing military rank opens more slots to send your mounts out for travel and exploration.

Mount Exploration

Mounts cost Tiger Runes to summon, so be selective on which option you pick when summoning. I personally invested in the higher quality mounts, but grabbing some lower tier is not a bad idea either.

Mount Screen
Summoning Costs

Ranking Up:

At first, starting the game can be quite boring, since many of the game modes and advancement stages need to be unlocked. As you progress you unlock new stages that net increased material drop rates and tiger runes. Also, ranking up opens additional modes such as a Player versus Player Arena and Boss fights. To rank up you need to advance your characters, using the methods mentioned above, but additionally you need to stake TKT a cryptocurrency (more on this later).

Here is a screenshot of the Military Rank requirements:

Ranking System

Each military rank comes with a set of unlocks and rewards. The more you progress, the greater chance you will be rewarded by unlocking more game modes, stages with better drop rates, giving the ability to sell more items, and opening more opportunities to earn ETH/TKT payouts. You can see your current rank and what is needed to upgrade by clicking the Rank activity from the main screen.

Accessing Rank
Rank Rewards & Requirements

Additionally, there are modes you can participate in without rank, such as the Activity (On-Going Live Event), Quest (Forging Items Contests), and Mining (Passively obtaining TKT with the War Drum buff). I will do a deeper dive of all the game modes in future articles.

As mentioned, TKT is needed to for ranking. Here is a description:

TKT Explained

How you obtain TKT in Crypto Dynasty:

  • Purchase Tiger Runes
  • Buy items from players in the Marketplace
  • Pay for TKT directly from other players
  • Gain TKT through the mining activity (Warm Drum buff required)
  • Activities, Arena, Boss Fights, and other in-game events

For more information about Crypto Dynasty, check out their whitepaper found here:

Now that you have an overview of how the game works, you are ready to start diving in. In the next guide we will cover how to make ETH!. Stay tuned!

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