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Blockchain mobile game Crypto Dynasty (formally EOS Dynasty) recently released their Ethereum version. The EOS instance became one of the top blockchain games on the market for earning cryptocurrency. When starting the EOS version roughly a year after release, I missed out on early gains, but luckily for us the ETH version is starting from scratch. This levels the playing field and allows for enhanced player rewards. In this first series of tutorials we will cover how to install the game and fund your in-Game wallet.

Topics Covered:

Installing the Game:

Crypto Dynasty is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. For Android, the game is available on Google Play or downloaded directly via APK from their website. For iOS use TestFlight. Personally, I use the Android APK as the game updates frequently and the Play Store isn’t always up-to-date.

Download here:

Download Page

Note: APK may require security setting adjustments on your phone to allow installation.

Logging in:

Upon opening the game the Blockchain selection screen appears. Crypto Dynasty is playable on the EOS and ETH blockchains. For this guide select the ETH Wei instance.

Blockchain Selection

The login screen appears with choice of wallet. Currently Token Pocket, MyKey, and Math are the only wallet options for this version. I went with Token Pocket, but you can choose what you like, just make sure it has ETH. I recommend starting with 0.1 ETH as you will need capital to start, but you can choose what you want.

Wallet Login

As with most wallet dApp connections, you will need to sign and give permissions. To avoid typing in your password each time, some wallets allow finger print or face id, so you should review the settings. Using these options will make the login experience more tolerable.

Loading Screen

Funding your in-Game Wallet:

The Crypto Dynasty developers solved a major Ethereum blockchain problem (tx costs, gas fees, etc.) by creating their own in-game wallet. A smart contract stores funds and making them available to use exclusively within the game. When finished playing or to take profits, you have the option to withdrawal from the same screen. To fund, open the Wallet activity from the main screen and use the deposit feature. Deposit or withdrawal actions will incur a one time transaction fee, so make sure you put in enough to cover your in-game habits.

If you have played other blockchain games, you’ll see the value of this feature, but as a first timer it may seem weird. Imagine paying a fee for every transaction in the game versus paying it only once or twice. To date this is the best implementation I’ve seen in a blockchain game.

Main Screen
in-Game Wallet

Please note depositing funds is a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have used blockchains before you know transactions take time to process, so be patient. If you do not see the deposit instantly, don’t panic. It might take a few minutes.

If something goes wrong with installation or wallet funding, the developers are very responsive. The Crypto Dynasty telegram group is the best way to get in touch with them. The community is also very responsive, so get involved! Telegram Link:

Now that you have finished installing, logging in, and depositing funds, the excitement can begin, because you are ready to start your journey! In the next guide we will cover a deep overview of the game. Stay tuned!

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