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Blockchain game Crypto Dynasty (formally EOS Dynasty) recently released their Ethereum version. On EOS it is one of the most popular play to earn games, netting the top player over 8033 EOS. EOS is currently trading at $2.59 per coin, so if you do the math that is $20, 805. With the game being out for more than a few weeks on Ethereum now is the time to start!

For more information on how to install the game see my installation guide, and if you are new to the game check out this overview before reading this article.

Topics Covered:

Introduction –

There are several ways to make Ethereum in Crypto Dynasty. In this guide we will go over passive and active ways to earn. Note, with any investment or blockchain game for that matter, you typically have to spend money to make it. I hope this guide helps you with your journey and answers a lot of questions one might have when starting out. With that said, enjoy.

Disclaimer –

Full Transparency – I am not paid or sponsored by Crypto Dynasty. The information and strategies I provide are solely by playing. I started Crypto Dynasty with .14 Eth and make in-game transactions to keep it funded. At the time of this writing I have 288 marketplace sales for a total of 0.09 and collect 0.000276 passive Eth a day (0.004217 Eth total x 20 days), so I am close to breaking even. I encourge you to learn from me, but do your own thing.

Passive Rewards –

Staking :

Crypto Dynasty shares 20% of the games profit and divides it proportionally between players staking TKT (for an explanation of TKT and how to get it see my overview). 4% of the reward pool is distributed daily. For instance, I currently have over 4,000 TKT staking and I receive 0.000276 Eth daily. The more you have staked, the more passive income.

To Stake, from the main screen tap the Reward icon:

On the Reward screen tap the Stake button:

Under Available TKT, tap Stake:

That’s it, three simple steps to initiate passive Eth earnings. You can reverse the process by simply tapping the Unstake button on the same screen, however it takes up to 3 days to take effect.

Claiming your passive Eth is also located in the Rewards section under My Reward. You can take staking profits into your in-Game wallet by tapping Claim. Note you must March at least once in 72 hours to continue receiving passive rewards daily.

Referrals :

Referring someone will net you and your referee 1000 Tiger Runes right off the bat, but as the referrer you also get a percentage of their non-marketplace purchases (IE: Tiger Runes) back in Eth.

To access the referrals section, from the main screen tap Menu:

In the Menu tap Referral bonus:

This will open the Referral Bonus section where you can enter a referrer. Also, you can see how many people you’ve referred and statistics how much you’ll net from their purchases. You can have a total of 100 referees, so choose wisely. This article is not meant to shill, but if you need a referrer DM me on Discord or Twitter or look in the blog comments down below. In my opinion the developers are extremely generous with this referral system and you should take advantage if like the game.

Active Rewards

Marketplace :

This is the bread and butter of the game, so pay attention to this section. In the marketplace you can buy and sell materials and equipment for Eth. Each transaction engages your in-Game wallet, so you don’t have to bother with gas fees or wait times. Every purchase or sell is instant when initiated.

As you can tell from my screenshot above, I am no stranger to the Marketplace. So, given my experience I want to arm you with my successful strategies, but before beginning you need to know how to sell.

To sell a material or a piece of equipment, from the main screen tap Material or Equipment:

Tap the material or equipment you want to sell:

From the material or equipment screen tap Sell:

On the Sell screen you can enter your price and list the item. You also notice the last trading price. This is a nice to have, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is the price you should ask. Equipment and material prices are constantly shifting and if you want to stay competitive and actually sell your wares, you need to research before listing. So, before tapping Sell, from the material or equipment screen tap Market:

This takes you directly to the marketplace listings of the same material or equipment listed by other players. This is an extremely helpful area for you to help determine market value for a given material or piece of equipment.

For instance, you may forge a high quality 90% level 1 Dragon Tooth Blade and want to sell it. You check the market and there are several blades for sale, but see a similar 91% asking 0.0001 ETH. You notice all the other, lower quality blades are at 0.00005 ETH. If you want a quicker sale, you may ask 0.00005 or something in between. If you want to test the waters and wait longer, you could list it at the same price as the one at 0.0001 ETH, but I don’t recommend it. Either way works, but it is important to note some items sell better than others so do your research before forging if you intend to sell. One additional thing to note, if your item is not selling, cancel the listing and re-list, this will ensure your item is sent to the front again.

Another, more advanced marketplace strategy is to use the “One Click Craft” button to make equipment. Basically, any piece of equipment can be made by using the cheapest materials for sale on the market.This can create some interesting arbitrage if the equipment prices have not caught up to the lower material rates. For example a Dragon Robe might go for 0.002 Eth, but cost 0.001 Eth using the cheapest materials. If you are sly you can ride the wave and take advantage, but I stress use caution. The odds are if you found this others have as well and might flood the market with Dragon Robes causing the prices to go down, so be careful!

The One Click Craft can be found when forging equipment (and in some areas by tapping the icon of the equipment twice):

Selling TKT :

You can take big amounts TKT (1K, 10K, 100K) and craft them into a diamonds for other players to purchase. 1,000 TKT sells for 0.0166 Eth at the time of this article, so selling these can make you Eth or help to cash out of the game completely. This screen can be found under the Reward section under the TKT Craft button:

Activity :

Crypto Dynasty is constantly having events. For the launch they are running an event with the top prize being 3 Eth. They are giving away 15 in total, but don’t expect to win any of it. The players in the lead are very far ahead and unless whaling to the extreme there is no chance to make top 100. Although, the game will have more activities like this in the future and if you are consistent there is a chance you may pick up some rewards. Activity is found on the main screen.

Boss Fights :

Participating in boss fights rewards you in materials which can be sold for some serious Eth, but you must be a Staff Sargent rank or higher to get involved. The more you progress the better the rewards. I was able to do my first (easiest) boss this morning and won two materials which I sold for roughly 0.001 Eth. As you progress you might end up with a material worth 0.2 Eth or more! Boss is found on the main screen.

Arena :

(Coming Soon) At this time the Player versus Player Arena is not unlocked on the Ethereum version, but when it is, I will add it to the article.

I hope this article helps you earn some Eth! For more information about Crypto Dynasty and other play to earn blockchain games visit: . For more information about the game visit: .

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