0Xuniverse – The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

What is 0xUniverse?

0xUniverse is an Ethereum based dapp in which you try to discover and collect as many planets as possible. As you collect more planets your population grows. This population builds more knowledge which you use to invent spaceships.

Does it sound a bit confusing? It’s not, and I’ll break it all down below

Meeting Astrodog and Setting Up Your Account

When you first visit the website you will need to connect your Ethereum account. If you are already signed into Meta Mask you should get a Connect Request. Simply click Connect and now your Metamask is ready to go.

You will also meet Astrodog at this point. He’s your loyal guide as you learn to play the game.

Create Your Profile

The first thing you will want to do to get started is create a profile. Click the outline of a person in the top right corner

Select a nickname, enter your email address and click Submit.

After you click submit, you will need to sign your request with 0Xuniverse. This will allow you to start playing the game.

After you’ve signed the message, Astrodog gives you a nice pat on the back.

As his message states, we need to get our first planet. In order to invent a ship we need knowledge. The only way to get knowledge is through population on planets.

If you click the spaceship icon you will see what I’m referring to:

We can see in the example below that we need 50 knowledge to create our first ship, but unfortunately we still have 0. Lets buy a planet so that we can start accumulating enough knowledge for our first spaceship invention!

Buying Your First Planet

Lets go browse through the planets and find the perfect one to get our space adventures underway. Click the planet icon to bring up planet interface.

In the planet interface you can filter through all existing planets, the planets you own, or the planets for sale. Click the For Sale tab.

When you are first getting started in 0Xuniverse knowledge is your most important resource. Knowledge is created at a rate based on the population of the planets you own. Since we want as much knowledge as possible we want to try to buy a planet with a high population but cheap price tag.

Lets change the rarity to common so that we get the cheapest planets. Then sort by Most Populated First.

When looking at the planets for sale, you will see the population and the resources on that planet. You can click on any planet to get more details. For instance:

This is a common planet that’s for sale for 0.109 ETH.
It currently has 8600 people and gains 43 people per day
It has 4800 Uranium plus 24 per day
It has 7200 Quartz plus 36 per day
It has 7400 Nickel plus 37 per day

At this point we shouldn’t worry about the other resources too much. Every spaceship requires different resources in order to launch. Since we don’t have a space ship yet, we don’t know what resources our first one will require.

We want to try to find a planet that is selling at a rate of 1000+ population per 0.01 ETH.

I have a cheap budget so I need to scroll down quite a bit, but I find a winner:

With 1635 population this planet should cost 0.016 so I’m getting it a slight discount.

I click Buy Now and I get a Metamask pop up and Astrodog helps guide me along the way still.

I click Confirm to complete the transaction. Now we have to way for the Ethereum network to verify the transaction. Again Astrodog helps out:

Back on the main screen you can go into your transactions to see once it has successfully completed.

You transaction logs will automatically update. You will see 1 of 4 statuses:

Pending – The game is waiting for the Ethereum network to verify the transaction
Sychronize – The Ethereum network has verify, not it just needs to sync up with the 0xuniverse app
Success – The transaction has completed and synced fully
Timeout – Something happened and the transaction never completed and eventually timed out.

After a few minutes our planet purchase is complete!

Inventing Your First Spaceship

After a few minutes we should have enough knowledge to invent our first ship!

Go back to the Ship interface


We need to confirm our transaction through Metamask

Like our previous transactions we need to wait for the ETH network to confirm the transaction, then the 0xuniverse app to sync it. Once those are complete we will see our new ship in our inventory.

Looking at our new ship there’s a couple important factors to look at

1 – The amount of population that is needed to launch this ship
2 – The resource(s) and amount that’s needed for the launch
3 – This is your ships rocket power – this determines how far in the galaxy it can travel to
4 – This is your ships radar – this determines how likely the ship is to find a planet and the rarity of the planet

It looks like we have enough population and tin to launch. Lets go!

Click Build & Launch

Launching your first ship

Once you click build and launch, it’s going to take you to the sector map, and this will be overwhelming at first.

When you launch you ships you have two options:

1 – Launch from a planet you own


2 – Rent a planet from someone else.

The default map shows all of the planets for rent. If you mouse over any sector (rectangle) it will show you the planets for rent and how many planets are discovered etc.

If you only want to see your planets you can hide all of the planets for rent by enabling it in the bottom left corner.

Now we can see where our first planet is located. Yep, its that small pink speck over there.

Click on the sector and we can choose which planet we want to launch from.

Lets select our planet and we can launch!

We can see our ship ready to go on the planet we selected. Click Launch!

Lets confirm our transaction and hope for the best!

Once the transaction syncs you will want to go back to the transactions log to see if we were able to find a planet or not.

Unfortunately we didn’t find a planet. The spaceship was lost (you can still keep launching it)

Don’t be fooled by the “Success” message. Remember, this just means the transaction completed successfully.

What do we do now?

Now you can continue to launch your current ship, invent more ships as you get more knowledge and continue to buy or find more planets. If you’re lucky you might even find a LEGENDARY planet!

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