Axie Land Stats

Axie Land Stats

The first land sale is officially complete! It’s time to break down the numbers.

Note: These stats are only for the first quadrant (Q1) of the land. The other three quadrants will be sold in the future.

How are the different parameters defined?

I decided to break down the stats based on roads, rivers, and nodes. See examples of each type below. This made it tough to calculate every scenario but I did my best. Most plots will fall into their rarest category. For instance, a river node plot will be counted as a river node and not a river or a node plot. See the diagram below for examples:

Total Land Stats

Node TypeQuantityPercentage
Basic Plots1063361.76%
Road Plots456826.53%
Node Plots14668.51%
River Plots4302.5%
River-Road Plots700.41%
River-Node Plots480.28%
Node-Road Plots20.01%

Savannah Land Stats

Node TypeQuantity% of All Sav Plots% of Plot Type% of Total Plots
Basic Plots386272.2%36.32%22.43%
Road Plots124023.18%27.15%7.20%
Node Plots1442.69%9.82%0.84%
River Plots671.25%15.58%0.39%
River-Road Plots120.22%17.14%0.07%
River-Node Plots240.49%50%0.14%
Node-Road Plots00%0%0%

Forest Land Stats

Node TypeQuantity% of All Forest Plots% of Plot Type% of Total Plots
Basic Plots330961.75%31.12%19.22%
Road Plots131124.46%28.70%7.61%
Node Plots3867.20%26.33%2.24%
River Plots3135.84%72.79%1.82%
River-Road Plots400.75%57.14%0.23%
River-Node Plots00%0%0%
Node-Road Plots00%0%0%

Artic Land Stats

Node TypeQuantity% of All Artic Plots% of Plot Type% of Total Plots
Basic Plots244058.50%22.95%14.17%
Road Plots124129.75%27.17%7.21%
Node Plots45410.88%30.97%2.64%
River Plots300.72%6.98%0.17%
River-Road Plots60.14%8.57%0.03%
River-Node Plots00%0%0%
Node-Road Plots00%0%0%

Mystic Land Stats

Node TypeQuantity% of All Mystic Plots% of Plot Type% of Total Plots
Basic Plots100242.86%9.42%5.82%
Road Plots77633.19%16.99%4.51%
Node Plots48220.62%32.88%2.80%
River Plots200.86%4.65%0.12%
River-Road Plots120.51%17.14%0.07%
River-Node Plots241.02%50%0.14%
Node-Road Plots20.09%100%0.01%
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