Buying Your First Ethereum

When it comes to buying crypto for the first time it can be a little nerve-racking. The biggest question is: Where do I buy it? The answer to this question is going to depend on where you’re located. If you’re located in the US I would stick to Coinbase until you’re more comfortable. Topics Covered […]

The Basics of Axie Breeding

In order to truly understand how the breeding process works, you first have to understand what each Axie consists of. Just like humans, Axies also have dominant and recessive genes. One key difference is that Axies do not have a gender. There are no males or females, no moms or dads. Any axie can be […]

Sandbox – A Voxel Gaming World

Sandbox – The Metaverse? In the context of blockchain apps, a metaverse refers to a virtual environment that incorporates as much of the interaction, creativity, and possibilities of our metaspace world. Arguably Second Life was the first metaverse online. The highly centralized nature of Second Life caused many problems later in its lifespan, including inflation […]

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